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Our Process

Always looking for ways to better serve our clients, Pat Winsett is affiliated with Hdvest Investment Services. Supported by an independent network of tax and non-tax professionals, Avantax assists Pat in her mission by providing comprehensive solutions, and an effective Eight-Step VestVision Process to financial planning. These eight steps are a part of Pat's process in the firm, and include:

1. Define major life goals
2. Determine realistic and acceptable goals
3. Prioritize goals
4. Stress-test goals
5. Make a recommendation
6. lmplementallocation
7. Monitor progress
8. Add new goals or reprioritize

My financial planning process starts with a complimentary consultation between me, and you. Usually over a few hot cups of coffee, we spend this time asking questions, learning your
story, and providing you with insight into how we can help.
After we establish a working relationship and understand your goals, we will go over hypotheticals together, as well as informational packets specific to your unique situation. At this time, you will also meet the rest of the Winsett Financial Group family, and get information on how we will execute your plan moving forward.
VestVision™* is an exclusive Avantax tool that Pat is proud to offer each one of our clients. This retirement and investment planning system offers insight into your plan's performance, and gives you access to important reports and analytics from the comfort of your own home.

*VestVision™ is based upon the software, patents, copyrights and some of the trademarks owned, developed by or exclusively licensed to Wealthcare Capital Management LLC. (“Wealthcare”). All Wealthcare content within VestVision™ supports the use of Wealthcare’s method and system for financial advising, its method, system and computer program for auditing financial plans, the system and method for incorporating mortality risk in an investment planning model, and the related terminology specific to its patents are used under license from Wealthcare. (U.S. Patents numbers 6,947,904/7,562,040/7,650,303/7,865,138/7,991,675). Avantax Advisors are responsible for developing individualized investment recommendations or financial and investment plans for their clients. alternatively you can remove the reference to the vest vision software 4.